Om Art believes in nurturing our natural creative abilities by providing a criticism and judgement free space in which we can feel safe to express the artist within. We encourage curiosity, exploration, and a positive attitude towards the creative process, establishing a solid foundation for life that will not only lead people to paint well but to harvest from such activity a sense of peace,  accomplishments, self  nourishment. and expression.

OmArt Kids Workshops are geared towards introducing at an early age lessons of patience, self love, stillness, self acceptance, concentration and self discovery through the art of Creative Expression. Our intention is to nurture children's intrinsic creative instincts by holding the sacred space for them to connect to the God-spark within and get acquainted with their natural capacity to manifest. By strengthening these abilities we hope to empower them to establish life long healthy attitudes and habits that will continually help them reconnect, heal and recenter themselves throughout their life path



  • Exchange self-judgment for self-acceptance
  • Learn to be present and balanced
  • Create a sacred space or "happy place" to which the child can withdraw to center itself and self-heal
  • Learn patience and goal-oriented behavior
  • Surrender to the outcome and creating without expectations
  • Relax, let go and have fun
  • Understand that everyone perceives reality differently




  • Mask Making- becoming animal!
  •  Journal making- design and create your own spiral bound journal
  • Creating sock puppets for our plays- role playing and personality development
  • Paint your own night lamp - empowering children in the face of night terror
  • Crafting your own Growth Chart - understanding the link between nutrition and growth
  • Snow globe making/ Fairy globe making - fun fun fun!!
  • Creating sleepy sock friends - the perfect hugging companion
  • Create with Me Coloring exercises - introduction to judgement free, concept free artistic expression
  • Group Painting and Individual Painting projects- varied
  • Paint my wings! (grouped in pairs)- children paint their interpretation of each other's imaginary wings

StarChild Yoga is Astraya Tierra's Yoga and Expressive movement Program

It is our mission to share our love and passion for teaching children the healing powers of Yoga. Star Child Yoga offers a unique platform that awakens love, balance and mindfulness for the development of our children. We believe in helping our younger generation in schools rise with love and wisdom and live with ease, grace, happiness and freedom so that they can expand into their fullest potential. We believe in supporting the minds, hearts and souls of children untainted from social judgment, peer or parental pressure and other external expectation. We encourage freedom of expression by holding space for acknowledgement, healing, growth and development. Each child born into this world is a reflection of our own evolution, therefore it is our duty of care as their loving messenger and guardian of light to ensure their development so that they blossom and grow into the amazing being that they were meant and came here to be. Children are a miraculous seed that gives our human development another chance for igniting a better, promising future which illuminates a new earth full with love, peace and harmony.  


  • Increased value of love, kindness and peaceful mindfulness
  • Increased sense of purpose, acceptance and belonging
  • Increased respect for self and others
  • Increased feelings of trust and faith
  • Increased feelings of universal connectedness and equanimity
  • Increased value and respect for nature; understanding how the 5 elements bring balance, vitality, healing and replenishment to the body, mind and spirit.
  • Assists neuromuscular-development
  • Greater understanding of body balance, awareness and coordination
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence of self-identity and body image
  • Improved focus, engagement & attention skills
  • Greater sensory integration
  • Deeper mindfulness, presence and clearness of mind
  • Improves ability to be less reactive; more conscious thoughts, words and actions
  • Increased compassion, understanding and empathy
  • Reduced emotional imbalances such as aggressive behavior, social withdrawal, and hyperactivity,
  • Increased feelings of love and trust- understanding the art of relationship and union through receiving, sharing and giving love
  • Decreased feelings of fear, anger, doubt, worry, stress and anxiety
  • Increased leadership skills & Reduced bullying and domestic problems
  • Improved confidence in community and social settings



Star Child Yoga for Kids is an expressive movement journey, which is much more intimate, connective and healing.

Each class requires our undivided love, attention and full presence. Therefore this allows for a more conscious personal experience for the development of each student.


StarChild Yoga is Astraya Tierra's Yoga and Expressive movement Program


Part of our program is centered around Nutrition, Health and Kitchen Skills. Children learn about the nutrients in each type of food, food groups, alternative diets (dairy & gluten free) and health properties of each as well as the importance of cleanliness.

They will be introduced to exciting flavors and experience food with all their senses. They will learn about how to prepare simple recipes while making wise choices to care for their bodies and creating a foundation for life long healthy habits.


Kids will learn about basic nutritional concepts, guidelines for a balanced diet and the importance of keeping their bodies healthy through nutrition. 

The Health and Nutrition program will get carried from class to the garden to the Goloka kitchen so that kids experience the multiple facets and applications of their newly acquired knowledge.

Fun-tastic trace the germ Hand Washing Camp - Kids love our mind blowing, fun and efficient method of teaching about how germs spread and how to properly wash hands with germ spotting ultra vision!

*Our Nutrition program is Gluten Free



  • The art of juicing and Smoothie making
  • healthy yummy snack making
  • Guess this Flavor! food tasting competition
  • Food groups and concepts for a balanced Diet
  • Food and our Bodies
  • Food and flavors of the world
  • Intro to cooking and Kitchen sanitation
  • Superfoods- healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Making a food pyramid wall
  • Veggie finger puppet making
  • The Giant Veggie Theater Play

In our Nature & Gardening Program kids gain awareness of Mother Earth and how to respect and value her animal and plant kingdoms. They will learn about the bees, the birds, the worms and many other creatures and their importance to maintain ecological balance. They will also be introduced to the magical world of gardening and the care involved in planning, nurturing and enjoying its benefits.

Children will learn to commune with Nature and develop a symbiotic relationship where they care for it while learning about the nutrition and the healing power of plants and herbs. They will experience the silent language of Nature and experience stillness within it. We will teach them about the elements, their atributes and the importance of the balance between them.



A hands-on approach to the fun of planting and harvesting. Kids experience nature up close as they explore the garden, dig for worms, and make crafts. This is a fun introduction to plants and plant life cycles and a guide to caring for them. We encourage kids' natural curiosity by teaching them how to grow their own flowers and vegetables while learning the silent language of plants.

Activities include crafting and using a Gardening Journal, planting and harvesting and finding your Secret Garden and making Flower Mandalas.



We raise awareness in our kids to care of our Planet and make conscious choices to protect it. Children learn about the Elements and their attributes and power while understanding the importance of a balanced Earth. Additionally they are introduced to the dangers of animal and plant extinction, deforestation and pollution. From the perspective that human beings are Earth's oldest children, they learn we have the ethical responsibility to care for all life on it and leave a nice place for our future generations.

Activities include making compost and a worm bin, reading environmentally conscious children stories, Healthy Earth Sick Earth Theater Play and creating a recycled garden.

Its all about the Bees!- with guest speaker Frederique Keller L.Ac.,DOM (acupuncturist, herbalist, homeopath, beekeeper) and President of The American Apitherapy Association. Frederique will teach kids about the bees and their ecological importance, the hive and the products that come from it and their multiple uses and healing properties.

The 3 R's: Reusing, Reducing and Recycling- whether in class or in the kitchen or garden, we will practice the 3 R's and exercise the awareness that every bit helps when it comes to caring for the Earth.



An observational approach to animal and life in your garden. We will interact with insect like earth worms, bees, beetles, ants and animals like birds and squirrels and then write stories about our encounters and illustrate them in our Garden Journal.

The Magical World of Faery - Children will have a blast drawing our Fairy Forrest Wall and making a Fairy garden from scratch and making it cozy for the fairies to use. Fairy Tales and Story Time will be blended with the cutest Daytime and Night time Fairy Crafts!!



Children will learn about the healing power of Herbs, Fruits, Vegetables and Essential Oils through our guest speakers and fun daily activities at the center as well as in the community garden and in the Goloka kitchen. Some activities are: juicing and smoothie making, daily Om time with meditation and relaxation techniques followed by spa time with essential oil crafting of natural creams, sugar scrubs, bubble fizz bath bombs, meditation pillows and more!

What a little plant can do!-  with guest speaker Rick Byrd, PhD (educator and nutritional specialist) and President of Healthy Living Apothecary and Longevity for life. Rick will introduce kids to the exciting world of Plant Healing and Essential Oils.

It's Tea Time!- Patrick M. Fratellone MD RH (AHG) FIM FACC.  is one of the few integrative physicians in the United States and is a Registered Herbalist and an avid Bee Keeper. Dr Fratellone is also the creator of the Herbaceous Garden Handcrafted Teas. He will teach the kids about the wonders of Herbs and how they can help ease an upset tummy, help with a cold or get us ready for sleepy time...